Press Release

The Consultative Committee extends the requirement to wear a face mask

The Consultative Committee met today, Thursday 9 July, in the presence of the Group of Experts in charge of the Exit Strategy (GEES). The experts submitted a new report recommending an extension of the obligation to wear a face mask. This brings them in line with the advisory report of the Superior Health Council, which was issued this morning. On this basis, the Consultative Committee decided to extend the obligation to wear a face mask, following the new GEES recommendations.

As a reminder, wearing a face mask is already compulsory in a limited number of situations, such as on public transport or for contact professions (such as hairdressing).

As of this Saturday 11 July, wearing a mask is also mandatory:

  • in shops and shopping malls;
  • in cinemas, theatre, concert and conference halls, auditoria, places of worship, museums and libraries.

This list may change over time, depending on our country's epidemiological situation. Wearing a mask is always highly recommended in other situations.

People who do not comply with the obligation to wear a face mask in the situations described risk criminal sanctions as provided for in the Ministerial Decree. The Ministerial Decree will also provide for the possible closure of businesses that repeatedly violate the rules.

As a reminder, face masks are not compulsory for children under the age of twelve. There are special provisions for people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.

At a digital meeting of the National Security Council, the decisions of the Consultative Committee will be confirmed.

The authorities would like to remind everyone and insist that wearing a mask is an additional protection that does not exempt people from applying the six "golden rules", i.e.:

  • Applying hygiene measures, such as regular hand washing;
  • Preferring outdoor activities;
  • Paying special attention to vulnerable groups;
  • Maintaining a safety distance of 1.5m as much as possible;
  • Limiting your contacts (15 people per week);
  • Limiting the size of get-togethers (15 people).

These six golden rules remain the first line of defence against the virus.