Government's general policy speech - Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès

National unity is not proclaimed on a Sunday evening. It is built up during the difficult times that come day after day and hour after hour. That's why I asked Parliament this afternoon to give this government the confidence.


Beliris, a federal administration that emerged from the cooperation agreement of 15 September 1993 between Belgium's federal government and the Brussels-Capital Region, has the task of promoting Brussels' influence as a capital city. 

Federal cultural institutions

The three federal cultural institutions have a unique place in Belgium's institutional, cultural and economic landscape.

Role & powers

The tasks of the Prime Minister are many and varied, but the four most important are:leading the government;chairing the Council of Ministers;representing the government in the main governmental and non-governmental institutions;representing the government abroad.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers is one of the main epicentres of Belgian politics. It deliberates and takes decisions on general policy issues and is the forum in which the political cohesion of the governing coalition is tested each week.

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